What are Traditional Soaps and Artisan Soaps? Traditional soaps, also called cold-process, are made by blending a combination of oils and sodium hydroxide (Lye) until a chemical reaction occurs.  Many additional items, such as fragrances and exfoliants, can be added to compliment the oils skin loving features. Traditional soaps have a resting period to allow the ingredients to harden.  Due to this unique process, traditional soaps take about 4-6 weeks to be fully cured.  Along with being a distributor of Traditional soaps, we also manufacture unique Artisan soaps.  Artisan soaps are glycerin based soaps which have a much shorter curing time than cold-process soaps.  Glycerin soaps are ready to unmold and use within a few hours!  Glycerin soaps give us the ability to be as creative as we want!   We can create soaps in an endless number of shapes and scents.  Artisan soaps are great for gifts and party favors.  
How long does it take for GitG to ship my order? We understand that you are excited to receive your purchase and shipping time is important to our customers.   We will expedite orders on average 3-5 days from date of purchase due to the fact that some items are made to order and they need time to cure prior to packing and shipping.  Shipping time for custom orders will vary depending on request of items to be produced.  
Shipping Rates: We are continuously working to keep shipping costs as low as possible.  We can not control outside factors when the shipping company changes rates.  Our shipping costs are visible during checkout and you can select from a few options.  If there is an overage due to GitG packing your item heavier than expect, than we (GitG) will cover all overages.  
International Shipping: Not offered at this time.  
When will I get my shipment? We are located in Illinois.  Depending on your location, your order will typically arrive 5-7 business days after it is processed for most U.S residents. To keep you posted, we’ll send a shipping confirmation email as soon as your order leaves our location that will include a tracking number for your order.